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Raiatea to Bora Bora 2008

01/04/2008 Bora Bora 

Today the rest of us sail it is a sad day in one way because we are saying goodbye to the friends we have made and had for more than three to five months and we know that we will not meet again, it was also a little obvious that those friends felt the same way. We went to see Amandine and she was good but I said where are the boys and she said they have found some work to do away from here, they don’t want to see you leaving.

We then cast off with the help of Ernest and Inge and we followed Charlie and Suni on “Cosmos” out of Raiatea and over to Bora Bora. It was good to be underway again and the short distance will give us a chance to make sure all is well before heading off into the wider Pacific. Looking back though was tough still, but we have good memories forever. We had a good sail across about 35Nms. 
 (Cosmos leads the way)
(Charlie on Cosmos checking ahead at the passage through the reef)
 (Looking back as we go through the reef passage)
 (The reef with waves breaking.
(The beautiful backdrop for many months)

 (Entering Bora Bora)
 (There are quite a few reef formations within these waters)
(One of the resorts that we pass as we head down to Bloody Mary's)

We arrived mid afternoon got a mooring at Bloody Mary’s, the deal is if you go there for a meal you can stay on the mooring for free for the entire time you’re here we will be having lunch there tomorrow. So once all was squared away we went ashore and into the township for dinner. Bora Bora looks like a beautiful island but I must say I was a little disappointed in the township, it was dirty and there was dog crap everywhere you walked. The many areas where there are resorts are clean and beautiful, a Frenchman back at Raiatea said when we told him we were coming here called it dog shit island, now I know why.

Bloody Mary’s is a top place, beautiful inside and the American owner is very nice and makes us very welcome.


Today we have Suni’s birthday lunch at Bloody Mary’s and a few boats will be arriving for that. So I think it is going to be a fun time.

There we quite a few yachts and crews turned up for Suni’s birthday lunch at Bloody Mary’s, we had a great time, lots of fun, we had the lunch and a few drinks then returned on board for a siesta then returned ashore for sundowners and a game of boule’s.

(Birthday girl, Suni)

 (Charie and Suni, great people)
(Two very lovely people Chris and Magi)
(My lovely wife Nancy, all women go into the gents toilet to see the flush handle)


We had a fantastic time in Bora Bora and again it was sad to say farewell to new found friends, but we are hopeful in catching up one day. We also did a bit of work on the boat, I was still unhappy with the stbd gearbox and shaft, there appeared to be too much vibration when we came over from Raiatea. When I checked the shaft it appeared to be slightly bent, then I thought about the coupling clutch pack that had been fitted before being hauled out. I removed them and found that the teeth on two of the clutch pads had picked up on the gear causing incorrect alignment, I cleaned the teeth and refitted the coupling, and all was again well. The engine, gearbox and shaft was again in full operation, the only concern I have with the gearbox is that we could not replace all the seals and had to use the old ones this did pose a problem later down the track.
 (Locals on the reef fishing)
 (The big girls, Sky Flier, Paul Guaguin and a research vessel)
 (Nancy showing her style at boules, notice we have beer in hands)
 (Young Alex has a shot)
 (Marybeth watched on by husband Lee)
(It's getting dark but the game goes on, Magi takes the shot and watched by Alex, Charlie, Marybeth, Nancy, Lee and Chris)
(Cosmos and Alana Rose on the moorings)


We had an interesting last day, we caught a taxi with Chris and Maggie to go to the Gendarmes to clear out and do some last minute shopping. We had to wait at the Gendarmes for a while as there was only one Gendarme there and he did not know the procedure, once the other officers arrived it was quick and pleasant.

On the way back the taxi driver was quite a character, he asked the girls if they could guess his age, he was 75 and did not look a day over 65. He said his secret was looking at women, it makes him happy, and that keeps him young. Didn’t work for me. This fella had been in the movies, he appeared in Hurricane as the chauffeur and a diver in another movie South Pacific, and he admits it was a long time ago.
 (A glass canoe)
(We all live in a yellow submarine, small sub from the resort)

 We had lunch with the crews of Contigo and Cosmos and then left them and returned on board and prepared to sail. Suni and Charlie on Cosmos are going to run the radio sched as they are staying in the area for a while, this will give us weather reports like I supplied to other yachts before. We slipped the mooring and waved goodbye.
(A fisherman watches as we pass)
(Around this buoy and we head for Rarotonga)


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