Saturday, March 11, 2017

The End of the Voyage 08 July 2008

The idea of this blog was to inform family and friends whilst on our journey, I also hoped it helped some sailors doing the same crossings with helpful information. All these notes have been re-installed to this blog as the original two that I had it on died, fortunately I kept my scribbles after the first mob crashed and was able to get it in order and re-post it.
(Nancy and I in Bonaire)

The original blogs had many comments from people and unfortunately I did not have copies of those and they are lost. I have noticed since I started this new site that there are plenty of people viewing the pages either by accident or intention, whichever it was thank you for stopping by.

Once we got back to Australia we started the East Coast grey nomad sailing, we left Brisbane around April and headed north for the winter as far north as Lizard Island and then late in the year tried to catch the north east winds and sail south as far as Sydney and spend the summer months around that area and Lake Macquarie. In 2012 we went north and kept going on a circumnavigation of Australia. That year we sailed to Darwin and spent a very dry wet season in Darwin and once the cyclone season was over 2013 we headed for the Kimberly and then down the west coast of Australia and onto Tasmania, we then circumnavigated Tasmania in 2014 and then sailed back to Brisbane and due to health problems we reluctantly sold a beautiful Alana Rose. We now travel Australia in a motorhome. So all in all we had eight wonderful years living aboard Alana Rose and now two and a half years living in our motorhome.

I do have the other blog on the Circumnavigation the link is on the page top right.

Thanks again for looking in.


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